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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please, take the time to read this.  It contains valuable information and probably answers to most of your questions.

We are honeymooners, why choose to charter your boat:
Because this should be the BEST vacation of your life. One tailored to your needs and wants. Just the two of you doing what you want, when you want. A menu designed around your specific tastes and diet, activities to suit your level of comfort. This week, YOU are our only concern.

The way Blithe Spirit is layed out, your privacy and comfort is ensured above and below deck. Sure, we are around...somewhere, busy handling the boat or preparing diner. We will be with you as much or as little as you choose.

"Dominique and Michel were friendly and gracious hosts. When you go to a very nice restaurant and everything is just taken care of without being obstrusive is exactly how we felt during the entire cruise"
                                                                  Loren Thacker Feb. 2006

We are vegetarians, what do you offer:
Dominique, your Chef, has long experienced cooking for vegetarians. Other than the fact that she home makes most of her specialties from fresh, generally organic products, when cooking for vegetarians she also works with Gluten "meat" (seitan) often home made and knows her way with grains, nuts, seaweeds, beans and tofu. She can apply vegetarian cooking to any of her favorite styles be it Caribbean, Mediterrenean, or American.

We are just regular folks looking for something fun and different to do:
You have picked the right boat, so are we. Welcome aboard.

We would love to dive:
Easy organized. Dive as much or as little as you want for a fee with the many professional diving companies. They will pick you up directly from the boat and supply the equipment you need. Dont forget your certification card.

What should I expect from this vacation:
NOTHING BUT THE BEST, the best food, the best service, the best sailing, and by the end of your stay, fond memories and a couple more best friends. After all, you are in Paradise. We have built a strong reputation of excellence, honesty and dedication. Of course we cannot speak on behalf of the airline companies or the weather man, but mother nature has been very good so far, and the airlines always find your lost luggage.

How much sailing will we do:
That is up to you and your order of priorities; but it also depends on the wheather conditions, the time of day (some anchorages require an early arrival to secure the perfect spot), or the distance we have to cover. And you can put a hand at the wheel too; we will teach you some tricks of the trade.

What do I need to bring:
Two things at the top of the list: your passport and two bathing suits. And while you're there, put in that duffle bag three T-shirts, three shorts, something smart casual to go ashore, perhaps a long sleeve shirt with pants, sandals, flip/flops or water shoes. Aside from sunglasses, you may want to bring a pair of contact lenses, if you wear some, as you may need them for snorkeling. Don’t forget your Rx, your ipod (we have the connector) .Try to leave the office behind, but if you must, we will find you internet cafes where you can hook up.

What not to bring:
Since you are traveling light and because of the new airport security measures regarding liquids, we supply you with soap, shampoo and hair conditioners as well as sun screen (from 15 to 45 ) but if you choose to bring your own, remember to bring only oil free sun screen. We have beach towels on board, a hair drier. Remember that hard suitcases are difficult to stow away. Forget the "deck shoes" this is a shoeless boat. and those bathing suits are all you need as rain gear.

What is included:
The moment you set foot on the boat, just about everything is included; all the meals taken on board. Ship wine selection, beer, juice, sodas and cocktails, usage of all amenities such as described in THE YACHT menu. Taxes and cruising permits for the BVI, amounting to appx. $180.00 usd.

What is NOT included:
Meals ashore (unless offer through a special promotion) and drinks taken ashore. Vintage wine will be brought on board at your request and expense. All expenses related to shore excursions. hotels, diving , parasailing, airfare, insurances and land transportation.

Where / when do we meet:
Usually we meet at noon (unless otherwise agreed to) in Red Hook or Crown Bay, both located on St Thomas. The exact location depends on where the boat is at the time. Exceptionally and at your request, in the BVI. In any case, we will need your flight no. and arrival time and we will expect a call from you should you be delayed. So make sure you have our local phone no.

What is the currency:
Conveniently, it is USD. Some places accept credit cards, but mostly cash or traveler checks.

What is the cruising speed of the boat:
A fast 6 knots. As the slogan goes, live slow, sail fast. And don’t worry, we always get there on time.

Do I need sea sickness medication:
Only 2% of the people we had on board required medication, but better be safe than sorry so bring some.

Do I need trip insurance:
We do have a a reimbursment policy that applies if we are able to rebook the same dates should you have to cancel (Details in your contract). Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you get insurance. Again, better be safe than sorry. Click here for trip insurance informaton.

What about a family trip:
Sure but just keep in mind that the V-BERTH is a smaller cabin. The children who, by the way, should be water safe and minimum age 12 (as we don’t have a kids 's menu) will share the same bed. Though we can modify it to separate the upper body section, and use two separate sets of bed sheets.
The forward head (bathroom) they will use is shared with the Crew.
On a sailboat, all this is part of the adventure and should not cause any problems once everyone has been informed and has agreed to it.
Most boats will supply one cabin for every two persons as prices are based on Double Occupancy.

My flight is early and/or delayed:
You may be able to board earlier or at least leave your luggage on board while you walk downtown exploring the boutiques. After all this is tax free land. If you arrive late, dont worry, we will wait for you at the agreed meeting location. In either case, please call.
You may even decide to spend one or two days ashore before or after your trip, to find a good Hotel, click here.

Do I have any say in planning the sailing trip:
IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU, this is YOUR vacation. At the beginning of the trip we will recommend an itinerary based on the info you have supplied us e.g.: you prefer quiet beaches, you like shopping, you would like to dine ashore, you want to snorkel everyday, your return flight is early morning on the last day of your charter, meaning we have to return to St Thomas the day before your departure so you wont miss your flight. And every day we make sure that it is still what you want to do, if not, we simply revise the plan. But remember, the Captain is responsible for your safety and that of the boat and sometimes Mother Nature has her say too.

What about tipping:
Good idea; your crew works hard. a 15% tip is customary in the industry.

How do I book a trip with you:
Easy. Go to the Price and availability menu and follow the directions.

What if I have more questions:
Simple. Just send fill out the easy form here.

                     LEAVE THE REST TO US.

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