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Your Hosts aboard Blithe Spirit 2

Your Captain Michel Guilbeault and his wife, your Chef Dominique have been on board Blithe Spirit 2 since 1997.
Your Hosts aboard Blithe Spirit 2

They sold Le Bocage, a quaint, romantic Country Inn they created and operated as chefs/owners for 10 years. They biologically raised, grew and home-made everything on their menu.

So, in 1997, they went from part time to full time, liveaboard sailors.
After a total refit, they took off on a year search of the best sailing has to offer.

From Florida , they set sails for the Leewards and Windwards covering exotic islands as the Virgin islands, Martinique, the Grenadines, to name just a few, all the way to Trinidad and Tobago.

In 1998, they sailed back to the Virgin Islands where they started their chartering career enjoying the company of dozens of guests. Later on, they crossed the Atlantic ocean to the Azores, Gibraltar, Spain and the Balearic  Islands, France, Italy, Corsica, Sardainia, Sicily, Greece and finally Turkey. They actually spent 2 years chartering in the Mediterrenian before coming back to their favorite spot, the Virgin Islands.

Michel has many tricks up his sleeve. Aside from being a licensed boat captain and a certified scuba diver, he holds a Professional Mechanical Engineer degree from Montreal Polytechnique as well as a Commercial Pilot license. He is your Captain onboard but also your bartender, the BBQ master, a great story teller and overall a Bon Vivant. As he knows these waters very well, he will gladly, if you wish, be your scuba buddy or your snorkeling guide.
Your Captain Michelle
Dominique, Your Chef

Dominique loves cooking and gardening.

So, she does a lot of the first and a little bit of the second as she grows her own fine herbs onboard..

Her cuisine is best described as passionate, innovative and elegant as featured in many magazines and one cooking show on National TV where she and her husband (who also cooks, very well indeed) were invited 18 times.

Whether Caribbean, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, it is all Gourmet.

Together for the past 21 years, Michel and Dominique, are a great team: she Admiral/ he Captain; he Bartender/ she Chef. At work, they are as One even answering to both their first names.

HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE . . .  leave the rest to us.

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smoke free
   Blithe Spirit 2 is a smoke free vessel